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What is “Internal double-sided beadlock” and what is it for?

Experienced off-roaders know, that vehicle traction on in soft terrain such as sand, mud or snow can be seriously improved by decreasing air pressure in tires.


But with very low tire pressure, 0,2 bar and lower, ordinary wheels owners face new problems:

  • Tire can be dismounted from the rim while driving and/or steering through debris, such as deep track, rocks, logs, ice, etc.
  • Foreign materials can penetrate the space between tire and rim, causing air leakage and further tire dismount
  • In any case these events prevent vehicle movement and in some cases can be really dangerous, causing vehicle rollover or loose of control.


Internal double-sided beadlock provides 100% clamping of the tire beads on the rim at lowered or zero pressure.

So, the wheel, equipped with internal double-sided beadlock, brings all the advantages of driving on “aired-down” tires and prevents the tires from self-dismount, making the trip safe and successful.

It is a well-known technology, used mostly on wheeled military vehicles. But the sizes and weight of such kind of wheels are usually inacceptable for light trucks and SUV’s used for recreation and professional use.


AT-Lab wheels with internal double–sided beadlock are designed to fit light trucks and SUV’s. Except At-Lab wheels, the only line of light alloy double beadlock wheels is  produced by Hutchinson Inc., under Rock Monster trademark.


To provide the insertion of beadlock AT-Lab wheels were designed as 3-part assembly: hub and two half-rims.


The design and technology features of AT-Lab wheels with double beadlock:

  • Beadlock tube is polyurethane molded. This technology provides precision and high and low temperature resistance
  • Light alloy wheel parts are molded with automated molding machine in quick-cooled steel molding form. This technology provides precision and strength close to forged parts.
  • 18 8.8 M10 Bolts are used to connect wheel parts instead of studs – strong and easy to replace
  • The 3 piece bolted together wheels manufactured AT-Lab can be disassembled and reassembled in the field with standard hand tools.
  • 3-part design allows part replacement in case of damage instead of buying whole new wheel
  • Valve is screwed into the hub and is made of brass – this provides valve protection, easier connection to central pressure management systems and easier replacement
  • 1200 Kg rated for extreme conditions and sport applications
  • Powder coated in white for great sportive look and weather protection